Executive Coaching for CEOs

Executive Coaching for CEOs is a type and level of executive coaching suitable for CEOs and other C-suite executives.

You may believe that now you have achieved your current position within your organisation there is little need for you to learn and develop. You may even believe that your promotion is a vindication of your ideas and approaches to running your organisation

Unfortunately the skills and attitude that helped you climb to your present position are likely to sabotage you when you have to provide leadership and delegate a lot of activities for which you used to be responsible. The old style of Command, Control and Coerce may look good in movies but the modern executive needs to Inspire, Influence and Invigorate.

Too many CEOs are interpersonal disaster areas in both their business and personal lives. Executives, including CEOs get hired for their skills and get fired because of their personalities.

Even senior executives can be afraid to tell the boss the truth. In fact top executives receive less feedback about their performance than anyone else in the organisation. Studies have shown that the higher the corporate ladder they climb the more likely the senior executive is to think their performance is much better than others do. This can lead to corporate mis-governance where executives believe the law does not apply to them.

Most CEOs know the likely reaction from their fellow executives when a new idea is suggested. CEOs have a variety of ways of ensuring their ideas are accepted. This varies from bullying at one end of the scale to extensive communication and consensus building at the other end of the scale. Some CEOs eliminate any competition and dissenters within their organisation which leads to under performance, repetition of mistakes and lack of succession planning. The more effective CEOs build high performing teams and give the teams real authority to make decisions.

To ensure you thrive in your role as a CEO or senior executive what should you do?

Eric Schmidt – Chairman and Chief Executive of Google said his best advice to new CEOs was “Have a coach!” Schmidt went on to say “Once I realised I could trust him (the coach) and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea.”

If the Chairman of Google is enthusiastic about having a coach what about you? Remember, it is very difficult to improve your performance on your own.

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